People and Collaborations

Team members

Prof. Jack Hare ( is an assistant professor in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. His doctoral research was on magnetic reconnection driven by pulsed-power, carried out at the MAGPIE facility at Imperial College London. As well as magnetized high-energy-density plasmas, Jack enjoys hiking, cycling, climbing and caving. His personal webpage is

Rishabh Datta ( is a graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. Rishabh is interested in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in plasmas. In addition, Rishabh has a strong interest in sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Rishabh’s website is:


We collaborate with Prof. Loureiro’s group at MIT, who carry out theoretical work on the connections between magnetic reconnection and magneto-hydrodynamic turbulence.

We work closely with Dr Petrasso’s High Energy Density Physics group at MIT, who design state of the art diagnostics for two of the largest lasers in the world, OMEGA and NIF.

We use the 3D MHD GORGON code, developed by Prof. Chittenden at Imperial College, to design and model our experiments.

We collaborate with researchers at other pulsed-power facilities across the US and internationally, including the COBRA generator at Cornell, the MAIZE generator at Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the MAGPIE generator at Imperial College London.