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Magnetic Reconnection Workshop 2022

Thomas and Jack both presented at this year’s Magnetic Reconnection Workshop (MR2022), held in Monterey, CA, from 15–21 May. The MR2022 conference brought together a wide array of different research fields, all of which are focused on the study of magnetic reconnection. Many experimental plasma physicists, theorists, astrophysicists, and space weather scientists (from the MMS mission) were in attendance, contributing to a wonderful week of scientific discussion. Jack presented recent data and simulations from the MARZ experiment, whilst Thomas presented a poster on the MAIZE guide-field reconnection experiments. In addition to all the interesting science, we were able to enjoy the natural beauty of the Monterey coastline, and the incredible abundance of marine wildlife!

Monterey was a beautiful location for conference, and absolutely teeming with seals, sea lions, and sea otters!

At MR2022, Thomas presented a poster on data from our recent MAIZE guide field reconnection experiments.

We were all treated to some incredible whale watching for the conference excursion!

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